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Altiris Error With Token Replacement In Embedded Script

I'm new to imaging and just started work at a small company; my network colleague is having a big issue with this. Step 11 Install any software/drivers, make any profile customizations, etc. I would check this article out… it might help. I do my default install which creates two partitions, then I capture only the D:Drive and select the option to make it bootable. check over here

Still the same after HF2 and HF3 (on SP1). Attempting to convert Image Deployment tasks from SIDgen to Sysprep, per Altiris' recommendation. Otherwise, token-replacement fails with an error message: "Error replacing tokens in..." 3rd Line (FIRM): The filenames and folder names can be in any case. Any ideas 

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I spent a couple of 12-hour days and got all my issues solved except 1 - I am unable to auto-active windows, using firstlogon command in OOBE. Are there more help and solutions in another thread, maybe, on why the NIC cards won't work on DHCP after Sysprep'ing and deploying the images? Anyone??? Have already gone through : How to create locations and automatically assign them to computers or users: http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO85119   Thanks  SVR 

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I have conducted the following troubleshooting: Disabled the Bulletin and then tried to download it again. Also its in one script. I know you needed it with XP. One advantage of this is that it allows you to create repurposable, modular task libraries that possess a single location where variables can specified for consumption by other tasks.

Then apply your image, reboot, and see if you still have the "missing bootmgr" error. I only need one sysprep image, then create a simple batch file for each model of pc that lays down the image, copies over the drivers for that model, DISM, then When I tried to uninstall it requires password which I did not have when I installed 2 yrs ago. http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/ds-69-winpe-21-replace-tokens REM ReplaceTokens .\temp\sysprep.inf .\temp\%COMPNAME%.txt Deployment Server actually reads this REM statement and takes action by creating a new file from the specified source (that contains any of the below tokens).

Very easy to understand. I have one question though. I would love a copy of the xml file if possible. All rights reserved.

Any insight would be helpful. I boot from the USB, and at the command prompt, I run ghost. What is the difference between "Deployment Solution" and "Deployment Server"? Answers 0 Tokens may be replaced within any specified file by creating a script job with the command: REM ReplaceTokens [file with token] [file to be created] For example...

Keep in mind that you will want to have the drivers copied to D:\ and not C:\ because of the partition Windows 7 puts on there. check my blog Compatibility Classes Initial Deployment not working Lenovo Laptop Application Injection Ds 6.9 Sp2 New Systems not showing under Analyze Tab HIIS Restore application not running Older IBM Thinkpad (r40, r50, r51) If you need help, my email is jlachowin at alcco dot com - good luck. To add a component, you can right click on them and select “add to # pass”.

ndog37 I run this script on restoration of the image. Juan Hi , we have a big problem with sysprep. EG %ID% is one I know but I would love to try and setup some other variables we intend on using? http://bsnux.com/altiris-error/altiris-error-5-during-script.html I want all of them to have specific names.

I can push out the base windows installation just fine, I only have the issue when I push out the pre-configured .WIM file. Example: the second NIC fourth DNS entry would be %NIC2IPDNS4% %NICyIPGATEWAY% Default gateway for NIC y (y = 1-8). You can find information on it here: http://mystuff.clarke.co.nz/MyStuff/wsname.asp By the way, I first came across this site a little over a year ago when I began looking at Windows 7 deployment

sxewhodey Looked around the site a bit more and I found it 🙂 Sorry Khat Why are using WAIK, WinPE and the rest pasted here > "WAIK RTM : KB3AIK_EN.iso Version

This script looks like this,REM Install Software CD C:\Source\Apps\Adobe_Reader\11.0.09 INSTALL.BAT And this script uses the following configuration items, Configuration Item Value Client Software Delivery Source folder C:\SOURCE Application path Apps\Adobe_Reader\11.0.09   This means that should I in the future have to update a particular instance of this job it will simply be a case of slotting the new parameterised tasks in place. Thank you very much for the link! Step 7 K, now go ahead and save your answer file as unattend.xml.

What's the difference between this procedure in this article and the one I just mentioned? It can do a few other ‘nice tings' as well. To repeat the syntax, from my friend Nick: REM Token Replacement Task for Sysprep.inf REM Replacetokens .\scripts\SYSPREP.TXT .\temp\%ID%.INF FIRM Copy ,\temp\%ID%.inf PROD:\temp\sysprep.inf 2nd Line: I originally had 2 spaces between the have a peek at these guys Brian and I discovered that if you add the following code to the task bar script you can avoid step #12.

I have been messing around with trying to get the image to work. Are there certain features that should be configured or included for the DS ?? This pc has been built following all the above instructions exactly. It looks simple in all the postings and Atiris white papers.

EXACTLY as you stated above, I added a dictionary parameter that associates the token to the value. Having a job parameterisation mechanism is a very positive and natural evolution in Deployment Server. Contact Us Customer and Technical Support phone numbers and hours of operation. so at this point I can load my win7 image and then load the boot files image and then everything works but for some reason I don't seem to be able

public class ExecuteSqlScriptExpression : MigrationExpressionBase { public string SqlScript { get; set; } public IDictionary Parameters { get; set; } public override void ExecuteWith(IMigrationProcessor processor) { string sqlText; using (var They should remain there even after a failed image attempt. I chose to name mine unattend.xml. Andrew, You're right about the files, there are (2) that are created.

Creating Image Problems Vista only Sysprep Option Windows \ Driver Cache for BroadComm Driver HP DC5750 hangs at agpcpq.sys Sysprep Not Ignoring Unsigned Drivers Cannot disable HIIS driver maintenance task Cannot Andrew, You're right about the files, there are (2) that are created. Luis Hi, I'd like to thank you all so much for the walk through as well as the many very helpful comments here. Any ideas?

At the bottom of the fields where you are specifying destination, etc..