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You cannot continue until a correct password has been entered. If you can not find the error code in the service processor error log, start with the error code at the bottom of the list. E704 Create CEC VPD. Number Component Name Component Description Operator Panel Display Displays current status of system startup, or diagnostic information in the event of a hardware problem. http://bsnux.com/aix-error/aix-error-9411.html

Page 165 Table 5. Replace the adapter. I tried it without success. Step 1523-4 1. https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=256782

0552 Aix Error Code

Firmware Error Codes. (continued) Error Code Description Action/ Possible Failing FRU Power off the system. A location code may be displayed at the same time on the second line. Page 39: Multiple Fru Callout Instructions Where AB-CD-EF are the same as non-SCSI devices. Page 26: Rear View Rear View 1 Parallel Connector 9 Mouse 2 Keyboard 10 1 Gb Ethernet Connector 3 Serial Connector 2 11 10/100 Gb Ethernet Connector 4 Serial Connector 3

Call support. Page 16 IntelliStation POWER 9114 Model 275 Service Guide... Page 157: Spcn Error Codes SPCN Error Codes Attention: If a power supply or fan is hot-swapped, wait five minutes, then recheck the operating system error log. Refer to Action under error code 25A80xxx. 25A8 0201 Unable to expand target partition - saving Refer to Action under error code 25A80xxx.

Page 83 Step 1321-23 Is Linux usable in any partition with Linux installed? Page 154 Checkpoint or Error What You Should Do Code 4xxx xxxx Service Processor Error Codes 1. Page 55: Service Agent, Service Focal Point A modem is required for enabling automated problem reporting to the IBM service center. http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1328873 That is exactly what I was after.

Replace the SCSI device. 21F2 0004 SCSI read/write optical - send diagnostic failed- Before replacing any system components, refer DevOfl cmd... See “Removing a Non-Hot-Pluggable PCI Adapter” on page 253 and “Replacing or Installing a Non-Hot-Pluggable PCI Adapter” on page 255 for instructions on reseating the card. Step 1321-24 If your system is functional, examine the Linux system log by logging in to the system as the root user and entering the following command:... OK does not appear in the operator panel display before pressing the power-on button.

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If a power supply is diagnosed with a cooling problem, the entire power supply must be replaced. 1 Primary Power Supply V2 4 System Unit (In Service Position) 2 Redundant Power System Chassis Media Bay Chassis Operator Panel Cable Operator Panel Fan Tray Assembly Cable Fan Tray Assembly IntelliStation POWER 9114 Model 275 Service Guide... 0552 Aix Error Code If the hang repeats, check with service support to see if there is a firmware update that fixes the problem. Page 142 Table 2.

Examine the service processor error log. this content Page 141 Table 2. v Media bay 1 can accommodate a Slimline IDE DVD-ROM or a diskette drive. The other problem is the fact that when I burn the Microcode Files to a CD (via Windows) they are recogniced in Lowercase under AIX (instead of Uppercase).

Remove all but one quad of memory DIMMs from the system planar. 5. Page 181: Service Processor Error Codes Service Processor Error Codes Attention: Follow the procedure defined in the “Checkpoint and Error Code Index” on page 134. Page 9: Table Of Contents Replacing the PCI-Adapter-Divider Light Pipes ....259 Service Processor Assembly ......260 Before You Begin . http://bsnux.com/aix-error/aix-error-code-20ee000b.html If the location code identifies a slot: a.

Note: Read the danger and caution notices under “Safety Notices” on page ix before continuing with this procedure. Other quad of DIMMs, if previously installed c. Firmware Error Codes. (continued) Error Code Description Action/ Possible Failing FRU 2803 F003 Real-time-clock not updating - not correctable Replace the service processor (detected by hypervisor) Location: U0.1-P1-X1 2900 0002 Keyboard/mouse

operator panel.

Replace the CEC backplane Location: U0.1-P1. Back to top Google Back to top Display posts from previous: All Posts1 Day7 Days2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 YearOldest FirstNewest First Page 1 of 1[1 Post] View previous topic That this is either a corrupt bootlist, a corrupt boot image, or is needing NVRAM to be drained. Would anyone have any ideas on how to proceed?

RE: Boot Problem after FW-Update AIXspecial (TechnicalUser) (OP) 8 Feb 07 03:55 Hi thereso, I could now bring my customers machine up (sorry for the delay). This risk, however, cannot be eliminated. Refer to “Modem Configuration Menu”... check over here Firmware Checkpoints (continued) Checkpoint Description Action/ Possible Failing FRU E58F Set up EADS function registers 1.

System LEDs LEDs provide a means to identify components in your system. v To access the pSeries publications, click Hardware documentation. Do the following: 1. Step 1321-9 Examine the list of error codes you obtained from “Step 1321-8” and look for any of the form 4xxB xxxx, A0D-34x, or A1D-34x.

Replace the system planar. Step 154B-3 Make sure the power is off on the base system drawer.