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Aix Error Code 0c54

Log into the IVM using a Web Browser, select the managed-system and select the Power on option from the Operations menu. Open B. Fifteen snapshots already exist for the given JFS2 filesystem. Shutdown the server and boot it into SMS. his comment is here

init 1 B. /etc/rc C. C. IBM AIX Toolbox D. mkgroup -A=john,mary delivery B. http://unix.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/ibm-aix-l/error-code-0c54-3843773

Before operating system takes control of the hardware, LED codes show what is going on. A. Select Presevation install for the install type, and allow upgrade to run.

swapon paging01 B. LINUX with IBM PS/2 8565 (with SCSI) possible? 9. An AIX install is in progress. As the desired user from serverA run the command rlogin serverB.

It can be replaced from the secondary copy. Reboot the server into maintenance mode and run 'fsck' with the '-y' parameter while the filesystem is unmounted. What can be done to resolve this? Both primary and secondary copies are corrupt.

passwd D. Regular Expressions in Linux Explained with Exampl... B. The system is waiting for user input to define console type vty0.

Which command will validate that both storage paths are available? Answer: A QUESTION 100 An LPAR has hung during a reboot, reporting a 0552 LED code. entstat -d C. Critical Fixes D.

Electronic Management Answer: C QUESTION 30 The system hangs at boot time after starting NFS services. http://bsnux.com/aix-error/aix-error-code-0c46.html C. C. Answer: C QUESTION 18 An administrator plans to use bootable AIX media to boot a system into maintenance mode.

in this case, the only way to proceed (AFAIK) is to reinstall the system from scratch or substitute the missing files with a backup copy of the same files. chmod -r 677 /app D. A. http://bsnux.com/aix-error/aix-error-code-20ee000b.html Dynamic LPARs B.

copy it do a curt trace and have a look to the time spent in FLIH and number of retries for /dev/cd0 and number of blocks read vs block written (maybe A. lsattr -El Answer: C QUESTION 42 Which command will allow the creation of a 10-character login user name?

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D. B. Edit the /etc/netsvc.conf file to have a nameserver and a domain search order. In the file name preceeded with a userid D.

C. rmpath hdisk12 vscsi0rmpath ? Patzebike replied Oct 28, 2010 What kind of p570 and proc frequency ? check over here A.

Run smit install. Answer: C QUESTION 50 How should a DNS client be configured? Shutdown and then activate the default_profile.