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Aix Error 0c54

The Power 550 has 64GB of memory installed and 32GB activated. PRNG is set to 'no' in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. A failure to NFS mount filesystems from the NIM master C. livedumpdev D. http://bsnux.com/aix-error/aix-error-code-0c54.html

Select SMS menu option OS Upgrade, Presevation install for the install type, and allow for upgrade to run. Which of the following actions will resolve this error? The system is configuring fibre channel devices. I have not changed the network cable through which the machine is connected to the network since at least one month, and this is the first time I get on this http://unix.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/ibm-aix-l/error-code-0c54-3843773

The administrator has failed to run 'bosboot -ad /dev/ipldevice <2nd disk>' prior to the bootlist command. A. IPL device could not be opened or a read failed. I was using a colleagues login earlier , so yeah ;) Regards, Rakshath Shetty Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes

A failure to retrieve the tftp server info from the NIM master Answer: B QUESTION 54 Which smit fastpath should be used to configure Link Aggregation on a server? B. configure the /etc/.rhosts with. A.

Currently, I've put an HyperTerminal on the machine vty0. Live Partition Configurability D. A faulty memory DIMM is detected in the POWER5 550. cfgmgr -l scsi5 Answer: D QUESTION 40 Which command will enable the administrator to query the current network adapter configuration?

tcpdump -print -h webserver Answer: B QUESTION 50 A system is being booted into maintenance mode due to root password recovery. D. Have you waited many hours till you get an actual failure code? Mehdi Salehi replied Oct 30, 2010 It could be a good lesson to use NIM and keep original media in a safe place.

The loopback is not in /etc/hosts and resolv.conf is not configured. A. Answer: D QUESTION 54 The ping loopback hangs with no output. Answer: B QUESTION 69 What are the steps required to perform a Preservation install on a server?

Answer: C QUESTION 102 NIM fails to successfully network-boot an LPAR and install AIX. cpfs B. A. As ping's to the server fail, the administrator logs onto serverB via a console and finds an available interface en0 in the 'up' state.

A. A. A. kdb B.

B. Run a bosboot -a command B. A.


As the desired user from serverB run the command rhost serverA. lssrc a B. Answer: C QUESTION 14 Which action enables an administrator to make a VIO Server automatically activate when the physical machine is powered on? Force a umount of the filesystem with 'umount -F /dev/fslv02', and then run 'fsck -p /dev/fslv02' while the filesystem is unmounted.

cfgmgr -x D. The action parameter of rcnfs in /etc/inittab is 'wait' and the script called is not exiting. init 1 B. /etc/rc C. A.

Answer: C QUESTION 15 Which of the following commands should be used to delete an entry from the /etc/inittab? A failure to retrieve the tftp server info from the NIM master Answer: B QUESTION 116 Which reference code is displayed during the boot process that signals that an administrator may It can be replaced from the secondary copy. An additional switch for the new HMC.

No kernel boot logs. Password Home Search Forums Register Forum RulesMan PagesUnix Commands Linux Commands FAQ Members Today's Posts AIX AIX is IBM's industry-leading UNIX operating system that meets the demands of applications that businesses Edit the /etc/nslookup.conf file so that it reads 'local, bind'. How many physical partitions will the filesystem have?

C. bootset -a hdisk1 B. A. thanks anyway for all the responses Top This thread has been closed due to inactivity.

rpc.lockd D. IBM Director Answer: C QUESTION 29 On which HMC GUI panel can the 'Enable Electronic Service Agent' option be found?