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Age Of Conan Assertion Error

server: Setting a process's affinity sets all of its threads' affinities too. jscript: Fixed escaped characters processing. Peter Dons Tychsen (2): user32: Add exception handling for timer callbacks. Corrected several typos in dialog in many areas. this contact form

wined3d: Remove some redundant code in IWineD3DVertexDeclarationImpl_Release(). setupapi/tests: Fix some test failures on Win98. mshtml: Return HTMLDocumentNode object in ScriptHost::QueryService for SID_SInternetHostSecurityManager. wined3d: Explicitly pass gl_info to stateblock_savedstates_set(). get redirected here

comctl32/monthcal: Use a timer to auto update today date memory. d3d10: Parse constant buffer type. shlwapi: Fix prototype of SHCreateMemStream. Hans Leidekker (6): msi: Respect UI level in custom action type 19.

winex11: Move the DIB locking and the client-side optimizations into BITBLT_InternalStretchBlt. dsound: Enforce invariant about BlockAlign and nAvgBytesPerSec. Also, the order in which this information is displayed has been changed.GUILDSFixed some visual issues for player city buildings.ITEMSFixed an issue with tier 5 one handed edged weapons. winmm: Correctly fill the yield-data parameter in mciGetYieldProc.

shlwapi: Fix IStream::Read for reg/mem stream. Topic Archived BoardsAge of Conan: Hyborian AdventuresCan't play the game! Need help urgently. http://steamcommunity.com/app/218170/discussions/0/828936719077767681/ comctl32/monthcal: Update day of week properly while iterating with prev/next buttons and hit testing.

d3d10: Implement ID3D10EffectType::GetMemberName(). kernel32: Move the 16-bit thread and process functions to kernel16.c. I hope they put out the better client on Saturday also if there is really one. Piotr Caban (5): jscript: Added Global.escape() implementation.

toolhelp.dll16: Add ntdll import. wined3d: SetRenderTarget resets the scissor rect. comctl32/monthcal: Fix a nice typo in test message. Quote 03-04-2013,08:50 PM #6 Trevisaur View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Originally Posted by Macule I just had an "Assertion Failed" problem a few hours ago ...

comctl32/tests: Added tests for ImageList_DrawIndirect. http://bsnux.com/age-of/age-of-conan-out-of-memory-error.html kernel32: Move some 16-bit definitions to kernel16_private.h. configure: Add -Werror flag in maintainer mode. kernel32/tests: Fix some test failures on WinMe.

Right after clicking start, too. mshtml: Added HTMLAnchorElement dispex data. wineoss: Fix the buffer size check for more than 2 channels. navigate here d3d8: Add some tests for CreateStateBlock().

comctl32/datetime: Some DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME tests. wined3d: Simplify stateblock_savedstates_set(). mapi32: Fixed uninitialized variable (Coverity).

ws2_32: Define a common header struct for async queries, and switch to 32-bit types.

winhlp32: Use explicit prototypes for the dll callbacks. gdi32: Fall back to StretchBlt if the driver doesn't export PatBlt or BitBlt. In this order... 1) fully exit the game. user32/tests: Fix some test failures with 9x/Me on VMware.

Henri Verbeet (51): wined3d: Properly keep texture references in the stateblock. wined3d: Add a separate function for initializing the "contained_*" fields from the "changed" field. gdi32: Move remaining 16-bit metafile functions to metafile16.c gdi32: Make wing.dll into a stand-alone 16-bit module. http://bsnux.com/age-of/age-of-conan-error-resourcemanager.html Assorted spelling fixes.

This is done by pressing win+r to open the RUN window and typing "dxdiag". shlwapi: Remove pointer check in IStream::Clone, it also crashes on Windows. comctl32/monthcal: Minimal rectangle should be zero based. Related articles:Age of Conan DirectX10 features to be revealed at LeipzigPreliminary patch notes for August 13 Age of Conan patchVia Age of Conan Vault Tweet 50% of voters think this story

jscript: Added FIXME about IClassFactoryEx. Quote 03-04-2013,09:59 AM #5 Macule View Profile View Forum Posts I just had an "Assertion Failed" problem a few hours ago ...