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After Effects Error Unimplemented Function

msvcp90: Fix cxx exception information for 64-bit. Please try again later' (relies on 'wininet' to initialize sockets API) 37064 Ultima IX sometimes crashes on exit 37505 window.screenLeft fails silently and stops script execution 37506 object.setAttribute('') fails silently and Sven Baars (1): dmusic: Fix a copy and paste error. dwrite: Stub for IDWriteRenderingParams. this contact form

wbemprox: Implement class methods StdRegProv.EnumKey and StdRegProv.EnumValues. winex11: Maintain a separate copy of the surface image bits when we need byte swapping. AE Errors报错 10::48 - After Effects error: Unimplemented function. 锐图网 2015-11-24 15:06:18 博彩网导航 0 访问 10::48 报错提示信息: AfterEffectserror:Unimplementedfunction. 报错信息说明: AfterEffects不支持该媒体格式的扩展功能。 报错的可能原因: 对于AfterEffects,博彩网导航:你所打算使用的格式包含了许多未知的数据流。这种未知的数据流可以是元数据、复合音频视频流、字幕或文本注释。 建议解决方法: 从该文件中移除那些额外的数据,或者将其转换为一个较为简单的已知格式。 此解决方法适用于: 5.5,6.0,6.5,7.0,CS3,CS4,Macintel,MacPPC,PC 本文地址:http://www.zlqbt.com/sucai/1116.html文章摘要:AE Errors报错 10::48 ,检校离歌关联方,冬温夏清香水味冰洁玉清。 上一篇:AE jscript: Get rid of BSTR in date.c.

Shipping Point/ Country Office for mac 2011 - Windows Excel pivot error Front Row + AirTunes on RHEL 5.x (upgrading OS) Pooling a file in a specified time Need really dwrite: Implement GetStringLength method. jscript: Added support for pstrFormalParams argument in ParseProcedureText. d3d10core: Implement d3d10_device_OMGetBlendState().

winedbg: Add special register processing operators to Thumb2 disassembler. shell32/tests: Some more type consistency fixes for the ShellExecute() return value checks. cmd: Ensure current directory saved during cmd /c. comctl32: Add themed scrollbar stub.

gdiplus: Stop adding 1/6 of EM height to the created font height. d3d10core: Implement d3d10_device_OMSetBlendState(). msrle32: Don't bother using the register storage class specifier. wined3d: Recognize the SM4 dcl_constantBuffer opcode.

Please recheck the settings and try again. Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 12. ieframe: Keep reference to This in all IDocObjectService callback calls. msvcp60: Added basic_ofstream constructors implementation.

d3d10core: Implement d3d10_device_OMGetDepthStencilState(). http://www.utu1558.com/after-effects-cs-5-5-unimplemented-function-error/ xapofx1_3: Add stub dll. wined3d: Implement WINED3DSIH_GE in the GLSL shader backend. Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 10.

vbscript: Support vb* constants for message box buttons. weblink wininet: Moved INTERNET_GetNextLine to ftp.c. xapofx1_4: Add stub dll. I was only using the text presets with no tweaks.

AE新人入门【刚学AE必看】AE报错解决方案大全AECS全系列破解下载AE素材网新人帮助大全 返回列表 查看: 1191|回复: 7 [报错编号00-20] AE错误10::48 - After Effects error: Unimplemented function.解决办法! [复制链接] c10149568 c10149568 当前离线 积分7564 签到天数: 1529 天连续签到: 453 天[LV.Master]伴坛终老 电梯直达 楼主 发表于 2012-5-22 12:48:50 | 只看该作者 |只看大图 msvcp90: Flip fclose result check in filebuf::close. Nikolay Sivov (9): wshom.ocx: Properly handle optional argument in Run(). navigate here cmd: Fix basic cmd.exe /c "echo hello" type syntax.

wined3d: wined3d_swapchain_set_window() never fails. scsiport.sys: Add stub implementation of scsiport.sys. winex11.drv: Free uriList (Coverity).

kernel32: Added implementation for OpenFileById.

Vincas Mili奴nas (4): kernel32/tests: Added tests of FileIdBothDirectoryInfo for GetFileInformationByHandleEx. inetcpl.cpl: Reuse Internet icon. shell32/tests: Improve the shell_execute{_ex}() tracing. ole32/tests: Fix a test failure on newer Windows versions.

I am updating it from the Creative cloud desktop application. wbemprox: Handle NULL operands in eval_strcmp. You need to tell us about the audio file in question: file type (AIFF, AC3, WAV, MP3, etc.), sample rate, bit depth... his comment is here dwrite: Stub for CreateMonitorRenderingParams().

mlang: Move GetCharCodePages() to IMLangFontLink2 and forward to it. I forgot that compressed audio could even be imported into AE many, many years ago.