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Advantage Error 9094

Enhanced the SQL query engine to use available index to optimize YEAR(), MONTH(), DAY() and EMPTY() scalar if the corresponding indexes are available. You can avoid this situation in one of two ways. Fixed a bug in the server that could result in record locks being held indefinitely after a record with RowVersion or ModTime fields was inserted in a transaction. We live this system every day; it's completely natural for a programmer. http://bsnux.com/advantage-error/advantage-error-7016.html

Fixed an issue where an abnormal TCP socket closure would cause a 9058 error (Transaction command out of sequence) if the user had an active transaction. One at time. Fixed a bug that caused query performance to degrade when the data distribution in the underlying tables changed. A user should be given a task to complete with the software and the session should be observed and/or recorded. why not try these out

Chapter thirteen discusses some of the roadblocks to making changes to improve usability. Fixed an issue where a server crash could occur if a trigger caused a notification event to be signaled while a connection was actively waiting for the event. Fixed an issue where running multiple backups at the same time would report blurry snapshots (error 5200) even when other threads where not active and could not affect the validity of There are C examples and Delphi examples available in the help file.

If the replication queue already exists, it will not be updated with the new error information until the queue table is deleted from the dictionary. An example statement that failed to executed was: SELECT fn1( x ) FROM table1 GROUP BY fn1( x ) Fixed a bug that could cause a trigger script to fail if Fixed a bug that caused the YEAR AOF function to be incorrectly optimized when not testing for equality. Chapters five through seven discuss how to find testers, writing test scenarios and a set of useful checklists.

Fixed an issue where it was possible for record decryption to fail due to concurrency problems with dynamic cursors and AOFs built on encrypted tables. Fixed a bug that prevented an SQL query with GROUP BY on an expression using a user-defined function from being executed. Fixed an issue in the SQL engine that caused evaluation of the boolean AND expression to return incorrect results when one of the operands was NULL. Fixed an issue where a malformed UDP login packet could cause the server to crash.

Downloads provided as a courtesy.Full ReleaseVersion:          Download - Advantage Database Server This Service Update of the Advantage Database Server addresses the following issues: Fixed a bug that caused crash dump Fixed an issue that could cause the server to deadlock and hang when shutting down with active users. Updated the server to log error information for replication failures directly to the replication queue table to make it easier to find the reason for the failure. While replication provides a separate copy, do not rely on it as a 'proper' backup.

You could also replicate to an external drive or to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for an additional measure of security. http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/content.aspx?key=44&id=ffab4547-41a1-ec4c-96d1-c2d000fc0f9a When a connection receives a 6000 class error, it typically cannot be used any more, but the replication engine kept such connections in the pool until they were timed out. Fixed a bug that caused the SHOW PLAN statement to hang when using an IDX (non-structural) index. It is automatically rebuilt when the dictionary is opened.

Fixed an issue where a malformed UDP login packet could cause the server to crash. weblink Fixed a bug that caused the SQL engine to erroneously short circuit the execution of a user defined function. Fixed an issue in the SQL parser that caused Django CREATE TABLE statements to fail. SELECT ...

Updated the AdsBackup.exe utility to not require the v9.x ACE DLLs. Fixed an issue where ARC would hide the query plan tab after executing the "show plan" functionality in the query utility. Changed the DBF header date to be compatible with 3rd party utilities. navigate here The error only exists in v9.10.0.20.

Fixed a bug that caused backups of Visual FoxPro DBF tables with long field names to return a 5012. Two types of tests which are almost always used are regression and integration tests. Home / Contact Us / Help / Jobs / Legal / Privacy / Code of Ethics Follow Advantage skip to main | skip to sidebar Views from an Advantage Evangelist My

Fixed an issue backing up tables with server names 15 characters long.

Fixed a bug in the server that made it possible for an access violation to occur if an invalid authentication request was made for an existing data dictionary connection. Supreme Court, Nebraska. For new projects there are many tools available which which help automate the process. Fixed a bug that may cause server crash when subquery is used as the count expression in a "SELECT COUNT( DISTINCT ... )" query.

Fixed a bug in the Linux server that could result in deadlock when deleting records when using AES encryption on an ADT table with a memo file. However, it doesn't have to be. Execution of malicious code is not possible. - Advantage Database Server This Service Update of the Advantage Database Server addresses the following issues: Updated the server to not log the his comment is here This depends on what type of test is being conducted.

Fixed an issue where creating a new database would overwrite an existing database. Although they sound very well thought out and reasonable they really don't hold up under close scrutiny. Modified the configuration utility for Windows to include a checkbox to control the non-exclusive proprietary locking mode option. Fixed a bug in the server that could result in possible index corruption and possible 7017 errors on tables encrypted with AES.

The query optimizer was using stale information to generate the execution plan. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect SQL progress information being returned when a "CREATE INDEX ..." statement was part of the SQL script. Fixed a spurious 7001 error that can occur when evaluating certain filter expressions involving the string containment operator. The checklists are also a great guideline to ensure that the tests are done the same way every time.

Fixed a bug in the server that could result in query elements being leaked on the server by calls to sp_WaitForEvent and sp_WaitForAnyEvent. Fixed a bug in the server that could result in unexpected 5041 errors and possibly a server crash when running triggers on many threads concurrently. Fixed a bug in the server that could cause 10035 and 8004 errors to be logged and ultimately a crash dump from a 9003 error when using TCP/IP communications. After applying this update, it is possible to ensure that the .ai index file is rebuilt correctly simply be deleting it from disk.