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Because the special characters are not correctly indicated, I would want this in that query already changed. for a time) do try Update uControl set TranNum = TranNum + 1; myvar=select tranNum from uControl; catch all end try; endwhile; commit; -- Joachim Duerr Advantage Presales check out my Joe White's Blog Life, .NET, and Cats Advantage Error 5035: That record is locked by… you The Advantage database is nice for some things. This record lock was necessary because of a cascaded update or delete due to exising referential integrity rules. Check This Out

no more errors and officially back in action. All new questions should be directed to the appropriate forum at the SAP Community Network (SCN). There are nine database getting replicated from outside and five internal database that replicate to each other. you need to catch and retry...but you can do it in the script: begin transaction; while (anycondition, you should check e.g.

After stopping the service and getting the message that it was successful, I still have to go and stop the process in Task Manager. With Advantage 8.X BEFORE triggers cannot modify the record that caused the trigger to fire. It depends on the portion of code your application was in when the exception was raised I guess.

The error I get is 7028 but it seems to be caused in the same way. If a second application tried to lock the same record and the lock was simply queued and blocked, then the call would never return (as long as the first application held Thanks

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none of the clients or Arc32 can access any of the databases. I'm not a PC guru by any stretch, but this was a godsend. We added the "Top 50" because we suspected an index issue and wanted to make sure the "world" wasn't returned in the result. https://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/webhelp/Advantage9.0/mergedProjects/adserror/err5xxx/advantage_5xxx_error_codes.htm Record locks are effectively handled by the application, so those > locks are not queued, otherwise they could block indefinitely.

Occasionally some users are getting error 5035 (The requested lock could not be granted. If an application makes an update in a transaction and "never" commits the transaction, the lock will be held indefinitely. Or is there a function to detect '01235645700123A' is not only numbers? Claim or contact us about this channel Embed this content in your HTML Search confirm cancel Report adult content: click to rate: Account: (login) More Channels Showcase RSS Channel Showcase 1600711

It took a bit longer than 10 minutes, closer to 30, but by the time it was finished my PC worked great again. http://nntp-archive.sybase.com/nntp-archive/action/article/%3C47cffc2a@solutions.advantagedatabase.com%3E Our software continues to run but extremely slowly and the CPU utilization on the server is maxed out by Advantage. Proudly powered by WordPress. For one thing, we really want to have more parts of our code that use transactions, not fewer.

The Windows Windows Advantage Database Error 5035 are easy to repair. http://bsnux.com/advantage-error/advantage-sql-error-7200.html One is to never modify the same record twice under the same transaction. Mullin Advantage R&D > I have a fairly complicated Delphi app using Advantage 8.0. > Occasionally some users are getting error 5035 (The requested lock > could not be granted. Heck, we spent longer porting our queries to Advantage, and that was with a total change in the way we located and named the tables.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Feel free to delete from either place)I have a problem related to transactions + RI rules.I have a master/detail table set up. Error 7200: AQE Error: State = HY000; NativeError 5035; [Extended Systems][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 5035: The requested lock could not be granted. this contact form Or do I have to catch this error and re-try? -Chris Joachim Duerr (ADS) Posted on 2010-01-29 20:46:05.0Z From: "Joachim Duerr (ADS)" <[email protected]>Subject: Re: error 5035 -- can I configure Advantage

If you're not insanely careful, that second update will fail, because the record is locked. It seems unlikely to be the case. Could someone help me to configure ADS on Unbuntu to make the connection to a Windows .adm and .adt tables ?

This is significantly effecting clients.

Record locks are effectively handled by the application, so those locks are not queued, otherwise they could block indefinitely. J.D. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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When Advantage Proprietary Locking is used on Advantage ADT files, index "write" locking can be performed per tag. Cursor locks are only compatible with cursor locks that originate from the same cursor (i.e., the same TAdsTable or TAdsQuery instance). AS P_Selected FROM SLOOK WHERE Lk_Type='B' ORDER BY 1; This also works well SELECT Lk_code, Lk_desc, True AS P_Selected FROM SLOOK WHERE Lk_Type='Y' UNION SELECT DISTINCT LCASE(Lk_code), Lk_desc, .T. navigate here Thus, when a user obtains a "write" lock on an index, no other users can obtain a "read" or "write" lock on the index.

Would one installation complain about the other? The file or record may be locked by another user.) and it is aborting the program. And requests to support fall on deaf ears.

0 0 08/31/15--21:42: ADS.exe high RAM Usage - Crashes Server Contact us about this article We have a client that has ADS The same situation exists with SQL statements where the application may not explicitly lock records.

All users who desire to read the same index can get concurrent "read" locks on that index and read from the index all at the same time. I currently use an AdsExtendedReader which is very fast but I have a few users experiencing temporary freezing when using another program on the source database which is ADT. The example is on the "Handling Record Locking" form located on the main form. I have an RI rule set up on these tables to Update/Cascade and Delete/Set Null.I begin a transaction.I update a child detail record (to reset default values).I delete the parent header

Yes No © Copyright 2016, Sybase Inc. YUI Reset, Fonts, and Grids. Client is Delphi 2009 application. The record is locked, and Advantage will throw a nice little "Error 5035" exception if you try to modify that record again.

The file or record may be locked by another user. All other combinations, when attempted under a transaction, will give you an Error 5035. Updatable recordsets apply what I'll call a "cursor lock", and that cursor lock belongs to one, specific cursor (i.e., one specific TAdsTable instance, or one specific RequestLive SELECT TAdsQuery). You may see a message like the following: Error 5177: Trigger execution failed.

Since the files cannot be opened in a writable mode by non-Advantage users, the Advantage Database Server can assume the environment is Advantage-only and internally maintains specific locking information. Forums Archive > Advantage DB > Delphi > "Handling 5035 error" Handling 5035 error 2 posts in Delphi . All new questions should be directed to the appropriate forum at the SAP Community Network (SCN). The most likely cause is a problem with the file system (unable to create a temporary file, unable to write to the disk, etc.).

Thank you.

0 0 08/30/15--19:49: NativeError = 2146; Unable to do ORDER BY Contact us about this article ADS Version The query is simple: Select Top 50 * From Advantage Proprietary locking is not available with the Advantage Local Server.