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Advantage Database Error 7020


On wednesday and thursday and last, the program froze but these error messages were not logged. This a domain controller so removing .Net 3.5.1 isn't an option since it is tied in with Active Directory. The index must be an .ntx, .idx or .cdx file type. When I perform the install using the 8.1 install package and then try to access the Advantage Provider from a data access layer, it says that the provider cannot be found. http://bsnux.com/advantage-database/advantage-database-server-error.html

The Advantage configuration file was not found when the Advantage NLM was loaded. Solution Advantage Service: Make sure the Advantage Configuration Registry Key exists. Unfortunately things are never what they seem. Linked ApplicationsLoading… Spaces Explorar Páginas Blog Rótulos Tasks Operações do Espaço Create Busca Rápida Help Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts What’s new Available Gadgets About Confluence Entrar no Sistema Home Tecnologia

Advantage Database Error 6420

Home / Contact Us / Help / Jobs / Legal / Privacy / Code of Ethics Follow Advantage × Sybase NNTP forums - End Of Life (EOL) The NNTP forums My original problem was that my program was freezing when commiting a transaction. Other than that, they did not seem to know what else to do. Solution: When not in a transaction, clear the invalid bits in the TPS semaphore byte.

I however am not sure of this but am not knowledgeable enough in this area to question them much. Bar to add a line break simply add two spaces to where you would like the new line to be. Forums Archive > Advantage DB > General > "Error 7020 (failed connection)" Error 7020 (failed connection) 9 posts in General . Advantage Database Error 7044 If AXS.CFG cannot be found, re-install it from the Advantage installation disk. 7031 Could not open Advantage configuration file, AXS.CFG, (for Advantage NLM) or Could not open Advantage Configuration Registry

I put some diagnostic messages into the code as follows:- DisplayMessage('Please Wait...., Saving Transaction'); AdsConn.BeginTransaction; Try .... Advantage Database Error 6420 Caterease Solution: Rebuild the index. 7019 Corrupt memo field Problem: The current record's memo field does not contain an end-of-field marker. The keepalive thread was killed for some reason. try this Any further comments would be most useful. 0 LVL 24 Overall: Level 24 Sybase Database 24 Windows Server 2003 1 Message Expert Comment by:Joe_Woodhouse2008-02-17 Autonegotiation can indeed can some network

Solution: None. Regards Tim Murfitt Advantage Help Extracts: 7020 - Problem: The watchdog process detected a failed connection and disconnected the user from the Advantage server. The only way I can think to reproduce this on another machine would be to give the DEV machine the PROD machine's IP address (after changing PROD), and patching it into Regards Tim Murfitt Advantage Help Extracts: 7020 - Problem: The watchdog process detected a failed connection and disconnected the user from the Advantage server.

Advantage Database Error 6420 Caterease

In my case, my users all access the executables from a single installation directory on the server called f:\dkprogs. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14778658/how-do-i-keep-advantage-database-connections-from-timing-out All rights reserved. Advantage Database Error 6420 Last modified: 01/07/10. Advantage Database Error 7077 On thursday we changed all of the NICs to Half Duplex from the original setting of 'Auto'.

Then loop through all records in the dbf and clear all contents in the AXS_TPS field by replacing the field with a single space "". 7044 Advantage Server already on http://bsnux.com/advantage-database/advantage-database-error-7112.html ADS Update with support for Delphi XE5. fish tank problem Are the first solo flights by a student pilot more dangerous? You might make sure you are using TCP/IP. Advantage Database Error 7008

ADS Update with support for Delphi XE5. Ref No:070706-1897Last Modified:Wednesday, February 24, 2010Product:Advantage Database Server ( General )Category:Error CodesTitle:Error Code 7020 Logged in the Error LogProblem Description:Error Code 7020 is logged in the error log. Checking physical cables etc was not a waste of time but is a bit strange as the first thing to test, let alone the only thing to test. 0 LVL this contact form Solution: Rebuild the index. 7018 Empty page Problem: The current index file contains an illegal empty page.

Join our community for more solutions or to ask questions. Solution: Reindex the file using the Advantage Database Server. 7024 Removing ghost connection Problem: The client never opened a connection semaphore file. I found out today that the billing user had issues on the day before this occurred where it indicated a patient was locked, but no users were actually in that patient

Yesterday I examined the Advantage error log, and found a whole stack of 10054 Socket errors followed by ADS 7020 (User logged out) errors.

Packet Owner Not Logged In - The Advantage Database Server was unable to communicate with a client properly and therefore, closed the connection. With the release of Advantage 7.0 a new error code, 7020 "User logged out", was added to provide a record of users that were disconnected by the server. The Advantage Configuration Registry Key is located in the Registry at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Advantage\Configuration 7033 Connection Table Full Problem: The maximum number of connections are already connected to the Advantage server. The problem will usually sort itself out but the most sure fire way is to have everyone exit the application and using the remote server info utility disconnect any connections that

Also it is possible that a 10054 error can be caused by any process sending Advantage an ICMP error packet with the "port not available" error code. You can do this by adding a DWORD configuration parameter to the registry: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Advantage\Configuration\ALLOW_IPC_CONNECTIONS=0 link answered 17 Feb '14, 08:38 Mark Wilkins 7.2k●2●26●133 accept rate: 26% Thanks, Mark. Solution: Restart/reload the Advantage server with a larger value for number of workareas. 7005 .dbf table full Problem: The maximum number of configured .dbf files are already in navigate here up vote 2 down vote favorite I have a Windows Service that works with an advantage database and occasionally makes some http calls.