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I can connect to the \localhost\IPC$ without issues. Did Donald Trump call Alicia Machado "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping"? Other than that, they did not seem to know what else to do. Anyone have thoughts here?

Is the Windows Server healthy? (Anything showing up in its Event Viewer?) (These are necessarily vague hints at this point; hopefully we can zero in on the issue.) 0 Message Full permissons on the directory are set. When this happens it is typically for about an hour with no particular pattern of when it happens. This seems unlikely.

basic HTML tags are also supported learn more about Markdown Announcements ADS service update released includes support for Delphi XE8. Anti-Virus has been removed as well as Windows firewall disabled. Client PCs map drive f: to the server's share and they have read-only access to that directory. got Error 6313 and 6633 on .net platform with ads server v 9.1, how to fix it?

If I let a friend drive my car for a day should I tell my insurance company? It looks like the only change between when it worked and stopped working were a round of Windows Updates, including some .Net 3.5.1 and .Net 4.5 updates. Yes No © Copyright 2016, Sybase Inc. but "Event Log Corrupt" is not something a healthy Windows machine will ever say. 0 Message Author Comment by:robert_n_harris2008-02-11 Hi Joe, I have examined the IP processes using 'netstat -a'.

By using the {static} copy of the table, the ADSDBE index enumeration should not find any indexes associated with the temporary table. Ref No:070706-1897Last Modified:Wednesday, February 24, 2010Product:Advantage Database Server ( General )Category:Error CodesTitle:Error Code 7020 Logged in the Error LogProblem Description:Error Code 7020 is logged in the error log. I went to examine the 'System Event Log' yesterday and got the message 'Event Log Corrupt'. https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/23149672/My-Program-sometimes-freezes-the-log-file-shows-error-10054-and-ADS-Error-7020.html Details...

I use both VirtualPC and VMWare for testing purposes. I however am not sure of this but am not knowledgeable enough in this area to question them much. If the client application cannot open those for some reason, then it would fail (presumably with some kind of 6000 class error) and then the server would eventually remove that connection but yeah, from your description that probably isn't the root cause, just making things worse when the problem occurs.

You can do this by adding a DWORD configuration parameter to the registry: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Advantage\Configuration\ALLOW_IPC_CONNECTIONS=0 link answered 17 Feb '14, 08:38 Mark Wilkins 7.2k●2●26●133 accept rate: 26% Thanks, Mark. On rare occasions these calls can be very long. You can adjust the Client Timeout configuration parameter to avoid these errors if you have high latency or a firewall on your network. However, if your organization has spent time deploying Microsoft's Active Directory server… Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 - Have you migrated?

I can not open a file ac_apert.adt + ac_apert.adt and access it. Is this strictly > a conversion to Xbase++ or will another tool be used to access and/or > modify the files along with your Xbase++ App? > > If it's just TechEd Summary FAQs - May 2008 Book Review: The Design of Everyday Things ► May (10) ► April (5) ► March (1) ► February (1) Sybase Trademarks are in effect. I would guess that what is happening is that Advantage Database Server is accepting the connection from the user and is setting up the IPC objects for communication.

It could be that the program that created them is not compatible with Xbase++. My (old) sources tell me TCP_KEEPALIVE is handled in Windows in the registry setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\KeepAliveTime and that the (decimal) value is in ms. My primary areas of focus are database and mobility technologies. Currently 64-bit client applications can only be built using the Advantage .NET Data Provider or using the ACE API directly.

All new questions should be directed to the appropriate forum at the SAP Community Network (SCN). Ok so where can I find out the expected (physical) location for the ads.ini file for: WinXP Vista Win7 I know the file has to be writeable so i'm fairly sure My primary question is what usually prevents the connection from timing out if I just haven't used it in a while?

If the Windows Server event log is corrupt then I think we have to suspect more things are wrong with this box.

Eventually and after modifying the configuration a bit, I eventually get the BadImageFormatException when trying to load the ace32.dll. Mark Wilkins Advantage R&D "Don Schmitz" wrote in message news:[email protected].. > Turns out our Main router was dropping packets which was causing the > problem...Ignore > > > > ********************************************* Regards, Jack Duijf Op 26-3-2010 0:00, Joe Carrick schreef: > Hi Jack, > > I assume you meant: > > ac_apert.adt + ac_apert.adi which would be the table + index. > Solution: The user must reconnect.

What is this error?Solution:The error code 7020 indicates the Advantage watchdog process has detected a failed connection and disconnected the user from the Advantage server. I wrote a book and am getting offers for to publish. This value is incremented when the Advantage Database Server initiates a disconnect, and the client is still generating disconnect requests.). If it's just a conversion then you shouldn't have any future problems - otherwise, you would need to find a compatible interface. -Joe Jack Duijf wrote: > Hello Joe, > >

IMO: ADS is able to open the file, but Alaska is unable to process. Im got a Xbase++ runtime error. Regards Tim Murfitt Advantage Help Extracts: 7020 - Problem: The watchdog process detected a failed connection and disconnected the user from the Advantage server. Architect) on the server?

With the default settings, I believe the keepalive ping is sent every 30 seconds.