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Adobe Encore Error Invalid Format Code 14

I'm not experienced with this though, I did hear of one person who said the filter produced a few green frames or something wrong. It has output the HD DVD folder to hard drive (no errors yay) but i don't have a soft (or hard) player yet for HD DVD, maybe have to buy one Show 6 replies 1. My problem is with Encore.   I'm getting this imfamous "INTERNAL SOFTWARE ERROR: .\Vobulator\TitlePlanner\CVOBUPlanner.cpp,line 332" error when I try to build my project. http://bsnux.com/adobe-encore/adobe-encore-error-code-25.html

Need Help Contact us about this article Can anyone help me out? well i shoot videos with an XH A1, it has something what is called 25F - Canon's progressive mode, but i use it with care, and shoot mainly in interlaced... Other edits such as transitions, deletions, corrections etc. shueardm05-27-2008, 10:08 AMPresets on page 1 have been updated, added presets for DoStudio authoring, removed presets previously used for AVC (which were problematic with Encore CS3). https://forums.adobe.com/thread/783450

Khoi Pham01-23-2009, 02:02 PMI use DVDit Pro HD before with ProCoder files it works for me, you need to output .m2v and AC3 from ProCoder, elementary stream. I tried dropping a jpeg onto the button but it just winds up filling the screen (maybe I'm doing that wrong but thought I would try it).   Even weirder, when shueardm02-03-2008, 02:21 AMIn a week that we were able to make a Blu-ray disc with AVC from ProCoder3 actually play really well- we all thought it was our seventh heaven. I dont know what is up with your presets maybe there not going in right because im using VISTA 64 or what but I PC 3.X updated and I dowloaded them

One was geared for editing and the other was configured for optimal (at the time) encoding and DVD creation and duplication. The error says (Blu-ray object: filename, Error: "invalid format", Code "14", Note: "0x00010006 - progressive_sequence not valid for video resolution" Got any ideas what that is? tomroot02-06-2009, 08:18 PMBut I find some shortage on DMF7, it doesn't offer Progessive mode, only interlaced. shueardm11-05-2008, 12:22 AMYou should not be getting ts files unless you changed the preset?

I have never before had to do that. You can do this from the GUI or browse to presets folder. I guess I would have to export to Canopus HQ from the Edius timeline, and import that into Vegas. http://www.dvforums.com/forums/cs6-encore-duration-and-bd-burn Anyway,it is a good news for me to step into AVC blu-ray authoring.

Can't burn! I load the menu and drop my timelines onto the button, they link correctly and the highlight works as expected. Edit: Revision dated 02/20/11 below :Some settings have been updated or changed, eg PCM audio now part of the target not AC3. Please see photo and help. 0 0 10/05/15--10:20: .h264 files as assets, can anyone help me?

This is correct and has allowed me to successfully build my ISO file. FYI, this is what I used for HD-DVD, it's a 30 day trial, it's well worth the look if not just to test your H.264 encodes from ProCoder on a HD-DVD I had a 2 hrs. Definately that is your problem.

My unit is putting together a memorial video for a deceased Soldier. this contact form When I default to AUTOMATIC transcode setting (using the project settings to transcode my media) it transcodes correctly using an UPPER (odd) field order. yet we have jaggy edge- not smooth at all. After I burned it all on a one sided 4.7gb dvd, the footage looks horrible.

Regards Joe rando01-15-2008, 10:27 AMYou do some awsome work hopfully Canopus/GV will inegrate your stuff into PC 3. Thanks yasu10-31-2008, 11:17 AMHello, I have been struggle to burn the BR DVDs with procoder2, Buffalo Blu Ray Burner, with free burning software comes with it. By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. http://bsnux.com/adobe-encore/adobe-encore-code-6-error.html Error-Bluray Object Contact us about this article ????

I went through the monster pain in my rear end trying to get encore installed, and once I got it installed I imported my movies and menus and linked everything. Yes it takes a long time and you musn't be using Mastering quality which would take longer.. I set a new poster frame on the timeline track, still nothing but black.

I know that in past, Encore would crash or simply behave badly when the length of the audio and video were not the same.

But it still wants to transcode the video (which is what i don't want to do so i can keep the utmost quality).Any help would be appreciated if other PAL HV20 Khoi Pham01-08-2008, 05:35 AMIf it said :Fatal Error:, code: "6", always at the same place, then download and install this file msxml 6.0 It should fix the error http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=993c0bcf-3bcf-4009-be21-27e85e1857b1&displaylang=en shueardm01-08-2008, 05:51 you can export to an image? or is it the encoded file that is corrupt?

I have 3 other encodes that do not export and bomb out at the same point every time. Voltar ao topo robskbit Assíduo Mensagens: 132 Registrado em: 30 Dez 2008, 14:16 Re: Mensagen de erro Encore CS (Resolvido) Citação Mensagempor robskbit » 13 Ago 2010, 18:36 Obrigado aos dois I had a 2 hrs. http://bsnux.com/adobe-encore/adobe-encore-error-code-24.html but when it finishes the preparing session n start to the burning session it shows an error "...ts.dll error the file is shorter than it should be" when i checked, i

swsw155011-13-2008, 10:42 PMHave a look at the new TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4.0 software, Does dvd and Blu-Ray, I have been using it for a couple of days now, and WOW, great oh last question, which one offer the best template for the BDmenu..? (i do love iDVD and DVDlab Pro) sorry so much to ask,coz they cost a lot of my budget...so I need to burn ... 02/16/16--07:48: _added clips not lin... 02/16/16--10:07: _My audio stutters c... 07/08/12--13:38: _an on | off subtitl... (showing articles 2781 to 2800 of 3197) Browse the Latest Regards Joe shueardm01-07-2008, 01:19 AMJoe, I can't get an ISO file.

I've made some menu's, first one that links to two other menu's who in their turn each link to one of seventeen chapters and the film as whole.   So far PS, not the operating system drive. If I export the movie using PC3 pluig-in, that Scenarist wtite that CPB_size invalid. so its frame rate(fps) always is 29.97 (NTSC).Besides , it is AVC max bit rate only limite in 20000 Kbps.

shueardm02-10-2009, 10:12 AMNo, I don't believe there will be a problem with the ProCoder file regardless of what you find.